Crisis Resolution (Catalyst)

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The intricate nature of IT means that a project crisis can strike at any time. When a project crisis happens, you need fast, targeted action. To expedite crisis resolution, Coastal Healthcare Consulting developed Catalysta unique, “SWAT” team approach to solve IT issues. Catalyst addresses problems affecting: 

  • System design and build
  • Clinical workflow processes
  • User adoption
  • Testing
  • Training
  • Project management 

Crisis Management Experts

Having completed more than 850 projects since 1995, Coastal Healthcare Consulting knows how to resolve a crisis. We understand that project implementation is complex; even the best contingency plan may not cover every potential situation. Our responsive approach to EMR challenges makes us the go-to expert when action is needed. With one call, Coastal mobilizes a team driven to restore peak performance. 

A Team Approach

In addition to Coastal consultants, the Catalyst solution draws on the expertise of our clients and business partners’. This tactical team of industry experts can be deployed on short notice for short-term intervention or long-term support.  

The Coastal Methodology

When you call Coastal for Catalyst service, you activate a rapid-response chain of events:

  • A needs assessment call is initiated  with key members of your project team
  • Our expert team is deployed to  work onsite and remotely
  • Our team meets with your staff to understand your issues and objectives capitalizing on your knowledge base
  • A solution-based action plan is developed and client approval secured
  • The plan is executed 

 Discover the Catalyst for your IT crisis resolution.