Optimization (Fusion)

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Fusion: Linking Technology with Clinical Processes to Drive Optimal Outcomes    Fusion PDF

To help healthcare organizations achieve peak performance from their Electronic Medical Record (EMR) investment, Coastal Healthcare Consulting developed Fusion.  This proactive solution drives organizational systems to higher levels of performance by optimizing the user experience and application functionality. Fusion allows healthcare organizations to streamline costs, improve efficiency and enhance patient data accuracy. 

 The Coastal Methodology

The Fusion solution follows a three-step process:

  • Assessment – Coastal’s highly-trained consultants work one-on-one with your employees to assess your project needs. They interview primary users and IT staff, review documentation and analyze key aspects of your implementation. 
  • Analysis – Comprehensive assessment completed, the Coastal team develops recommendations to boost the performance of your clinical processes and to deploy system-wide best practices. 
  • Plan – Next, Coastal creates an Optimization Plan – a finely tuned process describing the actions, priority, timing and estimated cost to implement our recommendations.

 Expertise that Transforms

Coastal Healthcare Consulting strives for seamless integration with your staff and procedures throughout the Fusion experience. Our experts’ collaborative spirit is driven by careful communication with your staff. This ensures successful knowledge transfer and superior outcomes. Our reputation for peak performance is why leaders in healthcare trust us for EMR solutions, before, during and after go-live. 

Benefits of Fusion

  • Enhances patient experience
  • Improves end-user adoption
  • Upgrades operating efficiency
  • Advances application functionality
  • Boosts financial performance
  • Promotes quantifiable advances in quality of patient care 

Harness the power of Fusion to optimize your outcomes