Patient Identity (Convergence)

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A Convergence of Experts Equals Accurate Registration Data    Convergence PDF  

Coastal’s Convergence solution represents a “best of both worlds” solution to optimizing registration data. Two key components unite to create Convergence:

  • Expert implementation from Coastal Healthcare Consulting
  • Patient Identity Matching software powered by NextGate, a leader in Enterprise Master PatientIndex (EMPI) technology. This compelling partnership includes a full scope of services:

                    Project Management                               Design and Configuration

                    Data Reconciliation                                   Integration and Testing

                    Training                                                       Post-Activation Optimization

Conquering Organizational Challenges

Today’s healthcare environment demands immediate, accurate and secure access to patient information.  The challenge lies in the widespread distribution of patient data throughout the organization and differing identification methods within each system. NextGate uses finely tuned probabilistic algorithms to identify, match, merge, de-duplicate, and cleanse patient records, then creates a Single Best Patient Record stored in a centralized master index. Coastal augments this proven software solution by working side-by side with your team to deliver workflow analysis, design ideas, validation testing, and training.  Convergence delivers a peak implementation experience. 

 Key Benefits of Convergence

Automating the registration Quality Audit (QA) process by querying the enterprise master patient index provides your organization with significant advantages:

                        Less Task Repetition                                 Enhanced Registration Accuracy  

                        Increased Claim Accuracy Rates             Reduced Return Mail Costs

                        Fewer Denials                                             Decrease in A/R Days

                        Improved Compliance                               Better Data Quality

The Promise of Peak Performance

Reducing workloads by enhancing efficiency allows Coastal clients to redirect employees to other priorities. Convergence also improves registrar job measurement and performance.

 Learn how Convergence can optimize registration accuracy