Meaningful Use Project Management

Sentinel Project Management PDF

Achieving Meaningful Use is a major organization-wide transformational initiative which often requires Project and Change Meaningful Use Project ManagementManagement. Because every organization’s MU needs and challenges are different, the first step is to conduct an assessment.  The Sentinel Meaningful Use Assessment will identify existing gaps or adoption barriers and include recommendations for remediation. MU experts will also help organizations define a strategic MU roadmap to lead your team to success.

Sentinel Project Management provides experts to manage, define and execute your MU program. Each successor stage builds on its predecessor, so it is imperative that organizations embrace the concept that achieving compliance is not just a technology focused project.  Real success will be defined by the highly-effective adoption of redesigned clinical workflows and care delivery processes.

Sentinel Project Management can be tailored to unique organizational requirements to include: 

  •  Program leadership
  •  Project planning and resource management
  • Interpretation and guidance on program rules
  • CQM reporting
  • Coordinate the attestation process
  • Optimizing MU incentives and minimizing penalties
  • Designing MU strategies in new workflows to maximize EHR potential
  • Validating and testing EHR reporting options
  • Recommend MU audit strategies
  • Development of required MU documentation
  • Status reporting

 Benefits of Meaningful Use Project Management

Sentinel Project Management allows healthcare organizations to leverage best practices and take advantage of MU experts who can help navigate program complexities and manage the compliance requirements.

 The Promise of Peak Performance

Reducing workloads by enhancing efficiency allows Coastal clients to redirect employees to other priorities. Sentinel allows your organization to take advantage of independent expertise to manage your MU compliance program.