Meaningful Use Mock Audit

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Healthcare organizations who have attested for EHR Incentive Programs need to be prepared  for pre and post payment audits. These  audits include Eligible Hospitals, Eligible Providers and Critical Access Hospitals.  Approximately one in five providers who participate in these programs are audited each year to validate their meaningful use compliance.

Getting ready

The Coastal Healthcare Consulting Meaningful Use Mock Audit is an independent expert assessment designed to strengthen organizational readiness for audit requests by identifying risks to the incentive attestation and implementing mitigation strategies.

The Mock Audit includes the following:

Identify risks:

  • Confirm audit processes are compliant with internal policies
  • Conduct a Meaningful Use Gap Analysis

 Mitigate deficiencies:

  • Provide clarification and guidance on proper documentation of the Meaningful Use attestation process, document production, and storage
  • Ensure attestation documentation is prepared to address  future CMS EHR Incentive audits
  • Deliver an Executive Summary after completion of the audit including identified risks and mitigation advice
Strengthen readiness:
  • Develop a replicable, systematic approach
  • Guaranteed readiness of audit tracking tools
  • Build senior leadership confidence

The Meaningful Use Mock Audit  provides the opportunity for Coastal clients to identify and mitigate risks prior to a audit request.

The Promise of Peak Performance

Reducing workloads by enhancing efficiency allows Coastal clients to redirect employees to other priorities. Sentinel allows your organization to take advantage of independent expertise to ensure Meaningful Use compliance.