Archiving Legacy Data

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Healthcare organizations are challenged with the legal need to maintain patient accounting and clinical data in an “active” archive where data is accessible to end users at the record level. However, this data is often housed in legacy systems that they do not want to support and maintain, especially when converting to a new EMR.  Limited IT budgets and finding resources with specific database knowledge also contributes to the problem of addressing legacy data as part of the overall conversion plan.

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A data archiving solution allows organizations to retire legacy systems, eliminate support costs associated with those systems, retain access to clinical and account details from former systems and bill accounts that were in the legacy systems. It also helps healthcare organizations to meet the legal need of managing legacy data as required and the financial need of managing the old receivables after the new EMR is implemented. We have partnered with MediQuant to offer a complete solution for converting and managing legacy data.


Clients who are implementing our archiving solution are realizing significant benefits and peace of mind knowing that they will have easy access to account-level data from their legacy systems.

Key benefits include:

  • Only minimal effort is required from IT teams to convert the data

  • Eliminates the need for mainframe systems

  • IT teams have the ability to focus efforts on new system implementations

  • Ability to quickly retire legacy systems and eliminate costly